Month: January 2014

Black Knight: The Necromancer

Shotguns Are Just Better: In addition to shotguns for your Trench, your most basic turrets have shotguns. Shout Out: “Sucks to be you, Tube!” Players can dress up their avatar like Razputin. You even get an achievement for doing so! Later costumes include Eddie Riggs, a cardboard robot, and a matroyshka doll bandolero. Showrunner:…

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Or burning hot with hellfire

A subtrope of Real Life Writes the Plot. See also Reality Subtext. When the character is permanently disabled because the actor is permanently disabled, it’s Disabled Character, Disabled Actor. If it’s a pregnancy, expect either But I Can’t Be Pregnant! or Hide Your Pregnancy. This is because of a very noticeable limp, which he got…

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Load Bearing Boss: The Beast

He should be dead, but he’s completely unharmed, though see above under Convection Schmonvection. Lethal Harmless Powers: Ergo learns to shapeshift into dangerous animals, which not only takes out a Slayer, but even takes a staff blast and survives. Licensed Game: A pinball game, an Atari 2600 game, a really confusing arcade game, a…

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